Revitalize Cream Collagen/Retinol/20MG CBD

Combat the appearance of ageing with maximum strength collagen, retinol & CBD hemp extract! Revitalise cream with collagen + retinol infused with CBD is power packed hydrolysed collagen & retinoids which focus on enhancing the appearance of skin. This unique formula helps improve on a more youthful look to skin, not only that but its aids in restoring firmness, reduced the look of wrinkles fine lines, breakouts and pigmentation! This awesome little power, punch-packed magic will leave your skin feeling firmer, smoothing & softer, whilst providing hydration support for skin of any age! 

+ Promotes youthful skin tone & appearance.

+ Helps hydrate & moisturise skin.

+ Provides nourishment for skin

+ Helps minimise to appearance in fine lines & wrinkles.

+ Helps to maintain an overall youthful skin texture & complexion.

+ 20MG of CBD per container

15ml pump top container.

Type: skin care

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